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February 20, 2018

What Your Feet Can Say About Your Health

Foot Health is very indicative of what's happening elsewhere in the body. Also, they hold us up, they help us run, jump, swim, cycle, kick or dance. Across the world, we go through great lengths to adorn them with nail polish, shoes, socks, stockings and jewelry...

Evolved Fitness Weighs In on Nassar.png

February 17, 2018

evolved fitness weighs in on nasser

Hello all - I've been talking with many of you on the Nasser scandal and realize that it's time to send out a mass note. I'm deeply saddened and infuriated that Dr. Nassar abused these women and girls. They should have been the safest in this facility where the abuse happened. It was facilitated by mismanagement of an organization, lack of respect for consent, manipulation of the gymnasts parents and family to minimize their support of the girls' complaints (how damaging to a family when these girls complained or asked for help ...


February 5, 2018

beinG your best bees more on colleagues and on site work

I'm sure there will be lots of talk about the Superbowl and the outcome, Certainly, it was a great game. I can't say that I'm one how regularly watches sports, but it is inspirational to see these top athletes in action. It can also Inspire for us to be our best athletes, our own personal heroes.