One-on-One Training/Massage

60 MINUTES - $200
90 Minutes - $290
120 Minutes - $370
10 hours - $1800/180.00/hr.
20 hours -  $3200/$160/hr.


House Calls

Travel fee will be added if massage table needed.

60 MINUTES - $200
90 Minutes - $290
120 Minutes - $370

Beck and Call

This service exists for last minute calls. A last minute call means you reach out to Evolved-Fitness to receive a service on the same day you call. Evolved-Fitness is run by appointment in advance. If for some reason you have a last minute emergency, Evolved-Fitness maybe able to help you, but at an increased rate.

Evolved-Fitness Pro Beck and Call: $250
Evolved-Fitness Founder Beck and Call: $300


Professional Trainer Education (CEC)

$25/hour per person

Minimum 10 students per class

Maximum 20



We would love to answer any questions you may have about our programs and services. We are excited to work with you to create a wellness solution for you or your busniess that will help everyone thrive.